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DOVE was formed following the Louisville Uprisings of 2020 as an attempt to find alternatives to law enforcement during a mental health crisis. We recognize that existing systems of justice and support were constructed to perpetuate white supremacy and generational racism. DOVE is a collective of community members and practitioners who seek to dismantle systems of oppression through the creation of equitable, organic and transformative initiatives designed to ensure the wholeness of community… mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Our Mission

Our Mission

DOVE's mission is to reduce the footprint of police within our most vulnerable/oppressed communities


Our Vision

DOVE Delegates is a call to action to re-imagine community safety and co-create with community, practitioners, and service providers systems of authentic care, justice, reparation and accountability through strengthening the mental, physical and emotional well-being of community by reducing barriers to growth, engagement and  restoration.

Four Pillars

Lead with Healing

DOVE Delegates will co-create with community space and resources for community leaders to gather for ongoing restoration.


Redefined Mental Health Support

We will work with mental health practitioners to address barriers and gaps to serving our most vulnerable community members



Connection/Support/ Education

DOVE Delegates will provide a full complement of training for community members, organizational partners, and practicing professionals to support growth in areas including but not limited to restorative justice, alternative response models, trauma information programming/care.



DOVE Delegates will engage in the upstream work of engaging in policy advocacy focused on issues relating to community wholeness.

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